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Management Advantage

ISBAS's Management is accountable to conduct and complete all construction work, including infrastructural aspects of the site and the buildings; to finalize the construction and leasehold improvements for the users; to manage the Zone's overall operations; to provide all the loading and unloading services; to prepare and file all sale and rental agreements with an outmost professional consciousness and customer oriented approach.

ISBAS's professional team is committed to work together with all the investors at all phases of the project with a problem solving approach on the way to a common goal and success. In that connection the management has been arranging monthly evaluation meetings with the investors.

Management Operational Services

ISBAS is responsible for all health and safety measures, transportation, technical and waste management services within the Zone. In that context:

All personel and goods entering and leaving the Zone are computer controlled,

Catering services are provided to all investors and employees,

Health services are provided within the Zone,

General technical maintenance, environmental control and landscaping services as well as waste management system are looked after by ISBAS's technical management team.

All domestic and international marketing and public relations activities are conducted by ISBAS marketing management. Activities by the marketing team on various platforms include presentations about the Zone and the firms actually established in the Zone. The existing investors at ISBAS are thus indirectly presented and referenced for domestic and international markets.