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Infrastructural Advantage

Technical and social infrastructural services based on excellent planning, provides complete satisfaction for the users' needs, improves the quality of life, employment conditions and constitutes an ideal working base in carrying the investments with confidence to the future.

Tecnical Infrastructure

The infrastructure equipped with the most advanced technical capabilities at ISBAS provides a sound basis for a high quality production with reasonable cost.

The " Gallery System " used in the infrastructural applications constitutes an excellent means to gather, repair, maintain and protect electrical, water, telecommunication and data lines without any further excavation.

The " Fully Biological Purific ISBAS System " purifies the water as potable; however, it is only used in the irrigation of green areas to provide maximum hygiene.

Environmental Arrangement: Vehicle entrance, personnel entrance, border-fences, green areas, sport complexes, outdoor furniture, garbage collection.

Roads: Traffic roads, walkways and sidewalks, truck parking areas, car parking lots, retaining walls, direction signs.

Rain Water: Perpheral collector, drainage network.

Fresh Water: Fresh water network and tank.

Fire Water: Fire water network, fire station pump.

Waste Water: Waste water collection network, waste water purification system.

Electricity: Reducing transformer, transformer statations, medium voltage distribution system, low voltage distribution system, road lighting, lightning conductor.

Telephone: Telephone switchboard, telephone distribution network.

Social Infrastructure

ISBAS has employed the most extensive facilities in the formation of its social infrastructure towards the efficiency, comfort and happiness of its investors and employees. All the basics required to meet the social needs in the best possible way, to work in the living spaces provided without problems in a healthy environment are supplied by the social services organization established by ISBAS.

Service Facilities

Technical Services: Repairs & maintenance.
Health Services: Hospital,infirmary,pharmacy, first aid.
Security Services: ID control,organization of all goods and personnel movements,fire brigade, police.
Transportation Services
Social Services: Restaurant, cafeteria, food production facilities, hairdresser, bank, supermarket, post office.
General Services: Environmental maintenance, cleaning.

Social Services

Industrialists Club
Shared Showrooms
Seminar and Meeting Halls