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Free Zone Advantages

%100 Corporate Tax Exemption

Production companies are exempt from Corporate taxes which they would normally pay at the end of their fiscal year.

%100 Income Tax Exemption

Earnings that individuals and corporate entities gain through their production activities at the free zone are not subject to income taxes.

Exemption From Withholding Taxes

Since no income taxes are paid for the employees, firms exporting up to 85% of their production do not file withholding taxes and lower wages can be achieved up to 25 - 40 %.

Exemption From VAT

Since the sale of goods and services from Turkey to the free trade zone is considered as exports, such goods and services are exempt from Value Added Taxes.

Free Transfer Of Earnings

Earnings and revenues generated in the free trade zone can be transferred to any country, including Turkey, freely without any prior permission and such transfers are not subject to any kind of taxes or fees.

Custom Duties Exemption

Since the free trade zones are considered outside the customs border, goods entering the free trade zone are exempt from duties.

Exemption From RUSF

3% Resource Utilization Support Fund, which is applicable to imports with