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The sectors which are entitled to operate at ISBAS pursuant to Free Trade Zone Law No. 3218 are indicated below: ISBAS allows only a modern and conscientious industrial philosophy which is sensitive towards the preservation and protection of global and environmental resources. Production units and processes involving environmentally harmful waste will not be allowed to exist in ISBAS Project. Textiles and fashion industries, optical, electrical, electronics, machinery equipment production and assembling; gold metal processing, leather, carpeting, furniture, food processing and all kinds of light industry sectors directed towards export business are eligible to operate in our free trade zone. All the firms operating at ISBAS in those industrial sectors mentioned above may be involved in production, buying-selling, assembling-disassembling and warehousing activities. Besides, insurance, banking and consulting activities may also be carried out at ISBAS.


For "Operating License Application Form" click here.